a handsome lad

Cory Boyd

Software engineer, player of video games, and father of cats.


OMG where is your LinkedIn profile?!?!?

I don't need LinkedIn to collate my work experience, so I deleted my profile.

I can do that myself, without handing over personal data to spam-vertising behemoths, by writing a resume.

Okay... wait, you don't use TWITTER either?!?! What is wrong with you!

Social media is garbage.

We tried, and we failed. Shut it down and let's move on with our lives.

So, do you... enjoy anything?

Yes! Many things!

I am afforded the opportunity to satisfy my technical, musical, and other such curiosities with regularity.

My job isn't actively trying to kill me. I don't have to pray to the corporate mascot every morning to receive a paycheck. I get time to do things right, learn new technologies, grow alongside other pleasant folks, and don't live in constant fear of the pager going off.

Life is good!

Are people really asking you these questions, and frequently?

Nope, you caught me! 😅

This is merely a cheeky way to talk about myself, which I figured was apt for a personal website.